English Projects



Spelling & Vocabulary Words

Computer tests for accuracy in spelling and vocabulary


Study and practice in order to memorize the spelling and meaning of useful words



  • Printing
  • Cursive
  • Calligraphy


Creating and addressing letters

Colds & viruses essay & reading - also include rashes, fleas, etc.

We all have a right to not be made sick by another person.


What is the meaning of disease?
Where is the origin of this word?
What do they do to you?
What are the names of some of them? Both Communicable and Genetic types?
Microsoft Works
What is love?
Why do people love babies?
What is stealing?

What does cheating mean?

 Why are so many people against it? What are some examples of cheating?  What kind of laws against it are there?

What is hate?

What does hate mean? What are some examples of hate? Is it good or bad?

Explain, in essay format, how you do your math assignments. Explain how to perform different functions: add fractions, graph a slope, ( this could also be a math assignment.
What is fun? What does it mean? Do animals have fun?
Are sports dangerous? What can happen to you? Do you have experience with an injury?
How do you decide on a career?
How do you choose?
What is the meaning of life?
What family are we in? Plant or animal? How are we different from animals, how are we the same. What makes us different? What would the world be like if there were no humans?
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  • Find some stuff - order it
  • Find coupons on the web
Inventions can you name without looking any up?

How many inventions

What are these inventions supposed to do? Are they successful. What is the purpose of the inventions

Do this in a list - On paragraph describing the invention


  • Effort -
  • Creativity
  • Appearance
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Grammatical errors
  • Editing errors
  • Stay on topic
  • Development of essay documented. Brainstorm
  • Shows improvement in writing ability - shows progression.
  • On time

Leave a paper with this assignment open on your desk or someplace you will look at it and can write on it. Develop ideas for your essay over a few days, then organize and write.