Proofreading Marks


Basic proofreader marks

For maximum ease when making authors corrections, we recommend using these basic proofreader's marks when editing copy.

Proofreader's Marks.

What is a run-on sentence?


A run-on sentence is an ungrammatical construction in which two or more independent clauses are improperly joined without a conjunction or appropriate punctuation. When a sentence contains several subjects and verb combinations causing the reader to read on and on, that sentence is called a run-on sentence. The effect is that the reader loses the main idea of the sentence. Example: "He doesn't need me he just calls to make himself feel better." Here you could use a semicolon: "He doesn't need me; he just calls to make himself feel better." Another example: "I went to the store I was out of bananas." Here you could either use a semicolon or a conjunction, such as because: "I went to the store because I was out of bananas."