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Mr. Feiring's English Lesson

Remember these are not perfect rules. It is a way to begin understanding. Later in the course, we will look closer at the rules.

Independent Clause

A clause in a complex sentence that contains at least a subject and a verb and can stand alone syntactically as a complete sentence. Also called independent clause.

Now what does that mean???

It is nothing more than a sentence that can stand on its own.

  • " I am going for a walk today. "
  • "Mary and Maria are going to NY and going to the top of  Empire State Building."

It is a regular sentence. Nothing tricky about that.

But an independent clause is also something else. It is the opposite of a dependent clause. To find out what a dependent clause is, just place a word like but or because at the beginning or end of the sentence and the clause is no longer independent. It now requires another sentence to be connected to in order for it to make sense.

  • " but I am going for a walk today. "
  • "because Mary and Maria are going to NY and go up in the Empire State Building."

You know understand the most important principle of how punctuation is decided: clauses.

Independent and dependent clauses.

Next you will learn how easy it is to identify them and then to punctuate them  with commas and other symbols.

. , ? " " ! ; : /

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