ID CourseName LinkName URL MainCategory SubCategory Resource Notes
1 Yahoo Educaton - Distance Learning Yahoo! Education  Distance Learning DistanceLearning WebSite GeneralResource
2 Add a shortcut icon to a web page - Adding a Shortcut Icon to a Web Page WebPageDesign WebPage
3 What a Site DistanceLearning CourseDirectories
4 Web Quest The WebQuest Page at San Diego State University DistanceLearning CourseDirectories
5 Merlot DistanceLearning CourseDirectories
6 VARK DistanceLearning WebSite WebPage
7 World Lecture Hall DistanceLearning CourseDirectories
8 Educational Resources on the Web DistanceLearning Directory of Links
9 - Power tools for teachers DistanceLearning
10 Apple Computer''s Teaching and Learning Resources for K-12 Teachers DistanceLearning WebSite CourseDirectories
11 Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
12 Blackboard's web
13 eCollege's web
14 Convene's web
15 Comparative Analysis of Online Educational Delivery Applications You’ll see links to several of the more popular Web-conferencing software… WebCT, TopClass, Web Course in a Box, First Class, WebBoard
16 University of the Future A more recent comparison of educational delivery applications was prepared by the University of the Future in October, 1999 and revised January 1, 2000.  You can find that research paper at
17 Just for fun and since many point to the arts as being something that would be impossible to teach online, let's visit a web site dedicated to teaching music theory online
18 .  Writing for the web is often difficult for teachers because we are accustomed to a wordy academic writing style.  Be sure to read this article entitled How Users Read on the Web by Jakob Nielsen
19 Procedures for Creating Useful Web Sites by Judy Cossel Rice, Paul F. Merrill, and Carol Lee Hawkins
20 Supporting Teaching and Learning Via the Web: Transforming Hard-Copy Linear Mindsets into Web-Flexible Creative Thinking. Ellen Yu Borkowski, et. al.
21 International Centre for Distance Learning
22 The Globewide Network Academy DistanceLearning
23 University of Texas World Lecture Hall
24 Assessment strategies and definitions.  You will probably get some good ideas from this web site.
25 Cheating in the Internet Age Cheating in the Internet Age
by David Thornburg is an excellent article although you may not agree with some of his conclusions.
26 Concerned about plagarism?
27 Delivering Instruction on the World Wide Web" at
28 Hints for Web Authors
29 Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide
31 The CASTLE Project
32 Constructivist Learning on the Web by Brent Wilson and May Lowry, Revised version: May 30, 2000.  A very nice description constructivist learning and how it works on the Internet
33 Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia at:
34 I''ve listed below four articles related to copyright... you can find them at:
35 Digital Copyrights in an Analog World, Digital Media, Vol. 4, No. 5, September 1994
38 site with a wealth of information about instructional technology on-line.
39 from the Student Life-Educational Development cluster at the University of California at Berkeley A number of universities have compiled guidelines for their teaching faculty and graduate students on how to design, conduct, and evaluate traditional college-level courses. And a number of these collections are starting to appear on-line. Here are severa
41 Engineering Outreach program at the University of Idaho.