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National Geographic image: Portrait of Lewisimage: Portrait of Clark
Lewis & Clark
Helen Keller
Clara Barton

Benjamin Franklin



Thomas Edison

Breanna's Research (10th grade student)

Samuel Morse -
Inventor: Telegraph

Bill Gates' Web Site



History of the Presidents in the White House 1789 -2001

lPortrait of Abraham Lincoln


About Betsy Ross Dorothea Dix Biography The American Experience Eleanor Roosevelt
Abraham Lincoln Research Site Ray Kroc
Founder -McDonalds's
Malcolm X A Research Site
About Margaret Sanger
Cecil B. DeMille - The Great Director of Epic Spectacles Brigham Young, General Authority

NY Times
Selective Guide to the Internet
VARK Learning Styles

Five minute survey, tells what  you personally require to understand learn things.




Mr. Carroll and students with pictures, letters and exchanges.
Homework Helper
History of Clothing Technology & Learning National Library of Education
What is Instinct?  Inventions

What is Family?
Where does it come from?

Animals Who created school? How do we learn?
Why are there wars? What is love What is religion?
History of Radio History of Movies What was life in the past?
History of Housing Side effects of Drugs How to study?
Chaos vs. Order Intelligence How to memorize?
Great Musicians Could I get drafted? History of Music
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