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Student Registration
Parent and Student, please fill in the following information.

Student Information
First Name Middle Name Last Name
Street Address City State Zip
 Home Phone Area Code Phone Number
 Work  Phone Area Code   Phone Number
 Birth date
use commas,
example: 12,05,80)
Main Email  
Teacher's Name Yahoo e-mail ( If not your main e-mail)
Do you have a Yahoo account?  If not, I'd like you to get one soon.
Parent Information (optional)
First Name Last Name  
(Parent address required, if different than Student address.)
Street Address City State Zip
Home Phone
(If different than Student's phone)
Area Code Phone Number
Work  Phone Area Code   Phone Number
Parent's main e-mail account


Press Submit when you have completed filling out the form.
Press Cancel if you have made and error and want o begin again.
If you have made an error and already pressed the Submit button,
you should fill the form and re-submit it.