California State University, Hayward

Master of Science in Education with an Option in Online Teaching and Learning

Courses Taken & Work Completed by Keith Feiring

MS Online Overview



DUI 6701: Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning (4.5 Units)  June-July 02

Final Paper Collaborative Mini-Project Bayside Letter
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EDUI 6702: Models for Online Instruction (4.5 Units) July-August 02

Final Paper



EDUI 6703: Technology Tools for Online Instruction (4.5 Units) Sept-Oct 02

Tech Tools Web Site


Link Data Base




EDUI 6704: Designing Curriculum for Online Instruction (4.5 Units) Nov- Dec 02

Online vs. Traditional

Final Project


EDUI 6705: Educational Planning & Development of Online Programs (4.5 Units) Mar-Jun 03

Education History

Final Project: Proposal

Discussion Entries

Debate 1

Debate Response

Debate Final Response



Discussion Response

EDUI 6706: Research in Online Teaching and Learning (4.5 Units) Jan - Mar 03

Problem Needs

Annotated Bibliography

Proposal Rough Draft 1


Course Evaluation

Final Proposal

EDUI 6772: Content Development for Online Learning (4.5 Units) Jan - Mar 03

Corporate Training

Academic Model

Long Content Project Draft

Training Model

Evaluation of Fellow Student

Long Content Project Final

EDUI 6780: Building the Online Environment (4.5 Units)



A Response

Final Course Project

Self Evaluation

Web Site Analysis


Style Sheet

Shortcut to building courses


Fix List

Page Layout-Comprehension

EDUI 6899 :
Masters Thesis  and Final Project: Two Online Courses