Web Site - Crocker Art








  • Predictable and Consistent for users to navigate.

  • Search option is enabled and easy.

  • Information is based on information at hand.

  • Uses common words; simple.





Organization & Layout

Utilization of type

Readability Overview:

  • This is a professionally designed private institution web site.

  • It is designed to serve museum members and visitors.

  • The reader is not just looking for information but also to enjoy the experience of visiting the site.

  • The site’s readability is very high. This has been achieved by consistently following the principles of good design and keeping it basically to the point.


  • The Crocker site quickly and clearly gets its key points across, presenting the reader with the most important information in summary form.

  • It then goes on to explain in detail the information. 

  • It presents a limited number of ideas on each page, an important factor of readability.

  • It incorporates informative and interesting passages of text along with supportive graphics.

  • The text (copy) is written for the reader who has an interest in the subject. It informs rather than attempts to sell.

Organization & Layout

  • The layout is consistent from one page to the next.

  • It utilizes a basic one-column grid to present information. The page has ample blank space on it, so there is no crowding effect.

  • The information is very logical in it design, making it very easy for the reader to take in.

  • This site, perhaps, is the best example of use of subheadings to define the divisions of information on each page.

  •  Lists are presented inside of tables as well as being defined by bolded heading. I did not see the use of bulleted lists, however the other techniques utilized are more than adequate.

  • Each page falls within the recommended length of one to three windows.

Utilization of type

  • The site maximizes its use of type.

  • It controls the width of text flowing across screen. It keeps paragraphs short for improved comprehension.

  • There is adequate space between paragraphs. There is consistent use of a limited number of colors and fonts.

  • The text shows up clearly against the white background of the page.

  • The site consistently utilizes a san serif type face.

  • It  makes use of spacing between paragraphs.





  1. The first violation of the above standards has to do with color.  Certain items in this website are different colors to represent different buttons.  These colors would not be helpful to someone who is colorblind or blind.  There needs to be a mechanism for turning of the color or text to notify color changes.

  2. The second violation deals with font changes.  The changing of font in this website can lead to distortions.  People with visual difficulties need larger font and may find the intended font to be too small.

  3. The third violation deals with navigation.  The page does offer direct navigation through the tab button.  Direct Navigation could be better implement by using the arrow keys.  It takes more than ten tab strokes to navigate the site, handicap people are prone to mis-strokes and would have to cycle around to come back to certain buttons.