Web Site - Volvo








  • Consistent presentation.

  • Search option is enabled and easy

  • Information is based on information at hand

  • Uses common words





Organization & Layout

Utilization of type


Readability Overview:

  • This is a professional designed commercial web site.

  • It is designed to attract and serve potential customers.

  • It is obvious that a great effort has been made to make the site very readable.


  • The Volvo site wastes no words in getting its key points across.

  • It presents to the reader the most important facts in a summary form.

  •  It restricts the number of ideas it presents on each page, an important factor of readability.

  • It incorporates a mix of graphics and text. The text is never too wordy.

Organization & Layout

  • The layout is consistent from one page to the next.

  • A basic one-column grid is utilized to present data. The page has ample blank space on it, so there is no crowding effect.

  • The information is logically laid out and easy to take in.

  • Subheadings define the limited number of divisions of information on each page.

  • Much use is made of bulleted lists to present information clearly and succinctly.

  •  Each page is very short requiring almost no scrolling.

Utilization of type

  • The site does all the right things utilizing type.

  • It controls the width of text flowing across screen.

  • It keeps paragraphs short for improved comprehension.

  • There is adequate space between paragraphs.

  •  There is consistent use of a limited number of colors and fonts.

  • The text shows up clearly against the white background of the page.

  • The site consistently utilizes a san serif type face.

  • The site makes use of spacing between paragraphs.





  1. The first violation deals with accessible user agent.  The HTML needs a label, a label helps enlarge the target area.  This gives disable mouse users a bigger target and leads to less miss-strokes. 

  2. The second violation again deals with an accessible user agent.  The website needs to be able to group into a hierarchy.  The hierarchy allows the different groupings in the website to expand and collapse in outline form.  This feature aids in comprehension.