Course Information

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Course Information and Objectives

This English course is a special opportunity for you to work independently, achieve five English credits, utilize the Internet as your classroom and experience being part of a dynamic online learning community. You have been accepted to enroll in this course because you have met all the necessary qualifications.

You will be involved in the study of High School English. The school district has outlined the minimum work you must accomplish in order to achieve five credits:

  • Read and report on five books

  • Prepare a variety of essays and papers, total of fifteen

  • Complete fifteen units of vocabulary

  • Participate in the study of grammar and punctuation

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The purpose of doing this work is to help improve your command of the subject of English. The lessons in this course are all constructed to help you achieve this goal. The course will also help in other ways:

  • To improve your computer skills through participation in Internet based communications.

  • To grow in your ability to interact with fellow students by participating in Internet discussions and group activities; develop an understanding of what an online community is and offers.

  • To become a better and more resourceful student by learning to utilize new resources and interaction with fellow students.

  • Improve ability to communicate via writing

  • Prepare for taking future classes online


You will be graded on your participation in the course. The more you put into this course, the more you will learn and the better your final grade will be.


Each lesson is set up so that you can get the most benefit from it. In order for you to understand what the teacher is asking of you, and so you will be able to properly respond, the following information is provided with each assignment

  • Objectives
  • Assignment
  • Grading

Course & Assignment Completion

Course Completion:
The course will be completed in 45 school days (10 weeks) from your start date.

Assignment Completion:
Most assignments are to be completed in one week unless it is stated differently . Grades will be lowered for late work.

Course Materials

  1. Loose leaf binder- to be referred to as your WORKBOOK
    You need the WORKBOOK to save work that you need to show the teacher which you do not exchange via email:
    • Vocabulary exercises
    • Time sheets
    • Other work as requested by the teacher

    Drawiing of looseleaf binder

  1. Vocabulary textbook - you should have received this at the Pre-Course Orientation.
  2. You will need to purchase copies of the books you need to read or you may borrow them from the library or another source.
  3. All other course materials will be provided to you to download and view off the Internet.


Your final course grade can range from an A to F. The grade will be determined by a number of factors:Graded paper with an A

  • Grade for each assignment (not including book reports and essays)
  • Grade for each book report and essay.

All of the grades will combine and average out in the following manner:

Assignment Grade Book Report and Essay Grade
Based on an average grade of all the assignments. Based on average grade for all book reports and essays.
Course Grade (average of Assignment and BR/Essay Grades)

Book Report and Essay Grading

A number of 0, 5 or 10 will be determined for each characteristic of you paper: 10 being an A, 5 a C and 0 an F. The following is the grading grid that will be attached and used with each of your papers.

Characteristic Grade
On Time
All elements of assignment responded to

Average Grade

Assignment Grading

The same number system will be used as above. The numbers will be applied to each section of your assignments (book reports and essays will be graded separately.) An explanation of how grades are determined is found in each assignment.

Characteristic Grade
Assignment 1-1
Assignment 1- 2
Assignment 1-3

Average Grade

Computer & Technical Requirements

PC - minimum requirements
  • Pentium processor,586
    (or better)
  • 64MB RAM
  • Minimum 50MB of free hard disk space for this course
  • Internet connection with a minimum of 56k baud modem (or higher)

Woman looking into a computer

Macintosh - minimum requirements
  • Power PC (or better)
  • 64 MB RAM
  • System 7.5
  • Minimum 50MB of free hard disk space for this course
  • Internet connection with a minimum of 56k baud modem (or higher)

Web Browser - minimum requirements
  • Internet Explorer version 5
  • Netscape Navigator version 5
Microsoft Word - minimum requirements
  • Office 97

Academic Honesty - Center for Independent Study

At CIS students work independently on homework and testing. It crucial that each student be honest and maintain moral integrity when doing school work at CIS. These habits encourage pride in achievement and maintain creditable standards at CIS. If a student is not honest at CIS, the consequences may be loss of credit hours and possible dismissal from CIS.

Late Assignments due to technical or personal problems

  • One technical problem (excusable for late assignment)
  • One personal problem (excusable for late assignment)

Student ID #

You have been issued an identification number. Include it on all your correspondence with me and the school. You will not receive credit for assignments if the ID # is not on your paper and submissions.

Help - Using our web site or for your assignments

Go through these steps to try and resolve your problem.
  • Use the online Help program
  • Email me
  • If that doesn't work, call me
  • If that doesn't work, come in and meet with me
Regardless, no problem is too hard for us to solve.

Pre-Course Orientation

Teacher lecuturing students

You have received a booklet describing your course. You have also been learned how to:

  • Log on to and access the course web site
  • Use email to exchange documents and information
  • Use MS Word
  • Save files
  • Backup files
  • Print a hard copy of all the assignments you complete using MS Word

In the future, if you need help, please refer to the help section of the syllabus.

Time Sheets

You will need to continue documenting your activities in order to receive credit for the course. Please utilize the time sheets that you were given at the orientation. Have you parent sign then and place them in you workbook to turn in at a later date.

Study Guidelines

Boy reading book
  • Do your work early.
  • Keep track of your time.
  • Ask for help from your teacher and other students.
  • Post a question in the discussion area on how your fellow students study - and what their results are.

Here is what one successful Independent Studies Student wrote about her approach to studying.

How I Study
by Breanna

When I receive all my work for the week I plan out what I'll do first and how long I'll work on a certain thing. I estimate how long each assignment will take and if I have all the right supplies to complete the work. After I finish a chapter I scan over it again and quiz myself.

Sometimes while reading I take notes to review what I've previously read. When I complete an assignment, I recheck all my answers and make sure they are correct and make sense. I also make sure I focus on my weak spots while studying. I'll take a deck of three-by-five flash cards and study the things I need to know until the stack of cards gets smaller and smaller.

After completing all my work for the week I do one more quick review and get everything ready to be turned in.

Discussions - Participation

Internet discussions are one of best activities in your course. You will have a chance to read and write to many students in your class. Think of it like being in an Internet community. Some of you may already be familiar with discussing (or chatting) on line. Here are a basic rules to be aware of:

  • Be friendly and considerate of classmate's feelings.
  • No obscenities or discussion of non-school acceptable subjects.
  • Your teacher is the judge of the appropriateness of discussion entries and will remove any if he deems them not acceptable. Additional actions may be taken as well. Keep it clean, its in writing.
  • Submit work to discussions as soon as possible, but no later than due date.
  • Respond to your classmates comments your posting.

Assignments - Submitting

At the orientation, you learned what the requirements are for submitting your assignments.

Use Microsoft Word -

  • Save the file with the assignment number (1-3 for example)
  • You must include the following information in each of your assignments you send to your teacher or exchange with another student
    • Student ID #
    • Last Name, First Name
    • Date
    • Assignment Number