Lesson 2

Small world with plane circling
  • Experience participating in an online discussion.
  • Learn how to research information and use it to choose a book to read.
  • Practice computer skills activities and utilizing email.
  • Learn and practice punctuation.
  • Learn and practice vocabulary.
  • Communicate the old fashioned way: sending a letter.
  • Develop an essay.
Lesson  2 -  Part 1
Discussion board:
  • Participate in This Week's Discussion .
  • Respond to what some of the other students have said.
  • Contribute some new ideas on the topic.
Lesson 2 - Part 2
Book Report:
Putting two books on a table

Your Assignment is to select a book for your next book report.

Lesson  2 - Part 3
Punctuation- Lesson 

Go to the Editing Section located on the Home Page. 
Complete Lesson # 2 : The Colon

Special Note: This time you will mail the assignment in. Not Email,  but regular mail. Use an envelope and a stamp and send me your work.

Make sure you have a copy of it before you send it to me

Lesson 2 - Part 4

Go to the Vocabulary Section located on the Home Page. 
Complete Punctuation Lesson # 2

Lesson 2 - Part 5

Go to
Writing Section

Compete assignment: The Trip


Family in car
How you will be graded for Lesson 2
  • Fulfill the  requirements of all assignments
Assignment Grade
2 - 1  
2 - 2  
2 - 3  
2 - 4  
2 - 5  

Assignment Grade