Self Evaluation

Keith Feiring
Instructor, Ann Guptill
EDUI 6780
June 4, 2003

Final Course Project: Online High School English Course

Course Module: See Lesson # 2 and accompanying activities

Course URL:
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I believe I have accomplished everything on the final course project list. In addition, I worked on and improved my custom course management system (CMS), which I created to host my online high school English course. I created the CMS for two primary reasons:
  • It is a less costly alternative to paying for an expensive commercial CMS.
  • It allows me more flexibility in incorporating a variety of content into my the course than a commercial CMS does.

As a result of this project, I have gained substantial insight into the processes of developing an online course. The following are areas in which I have increased my understanding as a result of this project:

  • Multimedia
  • Accessibility
  • Presenting continuity and structure in a course through use of a syllabus
  • Formatting course content
  • Online instructor participation.

I certainly have a great deal more to accomplish in both developing content for the course and developing aspects of my CMS. I am planning to do this in the next two (and last) courses of my master's degree.

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