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Hello Online Students

I'm your teacher Keith, and I welcome you to one of the best English and Internet classes around. 

I really am looking forward to having you as a student in my class. You are here because you expressed an interest in taking this course, you qualified to participate by passing a computer test, you have shown  that you can learn independently and your teacher has  recommended you. This says a lot about you.

In this class, you will really have a chance to express yourself through writing. You will improve your command of the subject of English, earn five credits and have the chance to chat and work with your fellow students over the Internet. Congratulations on being selected to join the class.


If you have any questions while taking this course, let me know, either at our meetings, using email and last but not least, pick up the phone and call. 

You have already taken the orientation course Four people sitting around table where you learned how to locate and log on to our course web site, correspond and submit assignments via email and a few other things in order to participate in the course. You should also have the guide to the course which was given to you at the orientation.  Your first assignment is to become familiar with moving around (navigating) the site and knowing where to go for your assignments.

So Now -
Close this window and "Proceed".  Go directly to Lesson 1. Do at least one lesson a week . You can do more but you need to ask me before doing that.