An Honest Response


I found reading Dr. Lant's lecture to be somewhat of an anachronism. I might have felt it of value if I read it in my first master's course, but this is course eight for me. In my prior courses, I have been enlightened to the fact that distance learning is a viable means of education.

I am a  55 year old man who has had many careers, including becoming knowledgeable and certified in various computer technologies (in order to be more employable) I am unable to relate at all to Dr. Lant's point of view regarding change. My life has been the filled with change and I welcome it. I have worked in corporations and owned three businesses. I began to study jazz piano when I was 44 years old.  I became a Master Instructor in computer applications and certified in Networking at age 50. I then began a career as a corporate trainer and a college instructor. I now teach Alternative Education in high school. When I complete my master's degree I plan to study Spanish and pursue online teaching. I have not had the luxury of being in a position to resist change. I have had to embrace change in order to earn my living.

I have experience working with people who resist change. I have also worked for ignorant people who are in management/decision making positions. These  types of people are discouraging to be around. They impede progress. But this is what you can expect to find in the public teaching sector (which I believe is Dr. Lant's background.) This is the reality of a tenured teaching position. If a person wants to work in an environment that embraces change  they need to work in an innovative private business.

I did not quite understand Dr. Lant's statement, "You may not believe that education is essentially conversation, but that is my view of education." I wish she would have elucidate on that as long as she had made the statement.

I did find this statement to be very valuable. "You will establish your own constitutive orientation toward education, teaching, and learning and that you will be able to demonstrate as we move through this quarter how that orientation dictates your strategies in constructing the online educational experience you plan for your students."  In this course, I am looking forward to reflecting on my "constitutive orientation", writing my concepts down and refer to them as I build my course.

Talk abut why you are engaged in building a distance learning class or program.
I am building a distance leaning class as a requirement of this master's program, to give me insight into the process of creating an online class and to potentially use it as an example of my capabilities in order to secure future employment. At one time, I thought the school system I work in might be interested in making use of the work I am doing in this master's program. But I work in a CA school and with all the budget cutbacks I can see that fostering innovation is just about the last thing the administration is thinking about. People are just trying to save their jobs. (I received a layoff notice. I am waiting to see what happens.)

My course is based entirely on a hypothetical premise. I have no support from my administration or fellow faculty. I am working on sheer imagination.

Well, I stated I was giving an honest response. I imagine the layoff notice is getting to me.
As a side note, it is a credit to our instructor, Ann, that I felt comfortable enough to express these thoughts. I really think this is going to be one of the best courses so far.