Write your Self Evaluation

You are required to write a narrative self-evaluation for this course. This evaluation is worth 6 points. It should be delivered to the Drop Box before Monday, March 17th. The Self Evaluation should answer these questions, in one or two sentences each:

1.What were my expectations for this course?
2.How did I feel about the requirement to do a proposal?
3.What did I learn in this course?
4.How do I feel about my proposal?
5.What was the best thing about this course from my perspective as a learner?
6.What did I do as a learner that worked well for me in this course?
7.Is there anything that would have helped me to learn more/better in this course?
8.How informed/prepared do I feel now in the area of research, as compared with at the beginning of this course?

The following is my response to the assignment as stated above.

Keith Feiring

Dr. J. Servatius

EDUI6706 Section 1

March 16, 2003


Self Evaluation

I approached this course expecting I would learn methods for performing research related to the field of Education.  From the course description, I understood there was going to be a research project; however, I did not foresee the scope of the project. Initially, I felt anxiety about creating the proposal and was hesitant to begin, but shortly thereafter, I came to see the project as an excellent learning experience. By accomplishing this project, I now have a paper which shows my ability to create a complex academic document; I have also acquired new teaching skills to share with my high school students. In addition to creating the proposal for our course, I learned many concepts, both fundamental and advanced, in the field of Educational Research.  I also observed the instructor teaching the course and learned valuable approaches to utilize for on-ground and online courses.

Although I went through a bit of a struggle trying to understand some elements of the proposal, I feel pleased that, through a trial and error process, I eventually created the paper. Many aspects of my paper have significantly improved from the first draft; however there is one, Methodology, which I would like to rewrite. In retrospect and from my perspective, I found the opportunity to observe and be a student in a class taught by a teacher that exhibited excellence on all levels, to be the best thing about this course. Through this course I acquired a teaching role model I hope to emulate in the future.

As a student, what worked best for me was going through a process of understanding how I learn and applying this to completing assignments. One example is that I learned I could best internalize information from our textbook and answer test questions if I read a small portion of the text over a few days rather than in one sitting. This was a valuable experience that I intend to share with my students.

Our course was very well presented, but I might have learned more or better if visuals or graphics were incorporated to present an overview of the course, and to show relationships of the various elements. As I now complete this course, I feel that I am 100% more informed and prepared to understand and possibly produce Educational Research. Without taking this course I could never have understood the contents of our textbook, which I have now placed in my library as a valuable resource to refer to in the future.

Dr. Jodi, thank you for an excellent course.