Problem and Needs Statements

Posted: Sun Jan 12 2003 7:43 pm

Feiring, Keith <>

My Circumstances:

I am employed as a teacher in an independent studies program that is part of a public school district. I am responsible for teaching students in grades 9 - 12 and imparting all the district's curriculum: English, Math, Science, History, Electives, etc. I was hired, in part, because of my background as a certified computer trainer and because I hold a CA teaching credential. Presently, I am creating a web site for my students to refer to as an additional resource for all of their subjects. This is a substantial (uncompensated) effort . For my project, I am focusing on creating a hybrid distance learning course in English for my independent study students. The goal of this course will be to meet and exceed the syllabus requirements of the school district.

Issue or Problem

There are a number of issues in the program in which teach:

  • First I teach students in grades 9 - 12. Students spend only one hour each week meeting with me. Much of that time is spend on administrative concerns: collecting and assigning work and doing record keeping. In what time remains, I try to have positive personal interaction with each student and focus on one academic area: in most cases, writing. It is obvious, that the lack of time coupled with a variety of student grades levels, impacts on my ability to provide the lessons and resources I would like to.
  • The students work independently and are not in a classroom setting.  As a result, they have no opportunity to experience the benefits of participating in  discussions
  • The California budget crisis is preventing schools from providing students with much needed literature and grammar text books.
  •  Finally, my school district does not have funds to compensate me for developing a distance learning program or pay for an expensive CMS.

The Need

The need is to create a hybrid distance learning course to supplement the on-ground English course.

  • Adapt the current curriculum into an online course.
  • Create common online lesson plans that can be used by students of all grade levels, for example, web quests. Develop and place lessons and resources for grammar and writing, online.
  • Create discussion board access for students to interact with each other and with their instructor.
  • Provide an inexpensive CMS. This may have to be a web site I have created and adapted with various add-ons such as discussion boards or a Microsoft SharePoint Team Services web site.
  • Finally there will be a need to screen and select students capable of participating in this program. This has to be done without triggering complaints from those that are not able to participate.


Instructor’s (your) response:
Yes, good. Clear and reasonable.