Independent Studies
Bayside High School 

111 Main Street

 Bayside, CA 94545

 (925) 555-1111


July 11,2002

From: Your teacher, Keith Feiring

To: Students (Grades 8 – 12) and their Parents

Regarding: Participating in the “Online English Course”       (5 credits)

Dear: Students and Parents

Welcome to the “Online English Course”, This course is taken over the  Internet. Your application to take this course has been approved.  As an Independent Studies Student you will continue as usual with your other courses and activities,  including meeting with your teacher once a week. In addition you can expect to have a special learning experience in this English course, made possible by taking the course over the Internet. 

How online learning works

Our Online English Course utilizes a special web site for communicating between: teachers, students and parents. You will be given a password in order to “log on” (get into) our web site.

What you do

All work is done on your computer, in typing and transferred to our web site or sent via e-mail over the Internet for your teacher or fellow students to read. There are no set times you must log on to the web site, but there are rules for weekly participation.

Your teacher and you will use the web site to do the following:

  • Post assignments

  • Turn in assignments

  • Participate in group projects

  • Prepare for exams

  • Post and review grades
  • Participate in discussions with other students  and your teacher on various subjects
  • Measure your participation in the course.
  • Communicate with parents

Preparation for the course

Here are a few things that you can do to prepare for communicating in our course. 
Note: Don’t worry if you a not familiar with some of these items. They will be reviewed with you at our first in-person meeting..

  • Practice using e-mail with someone
  • Visit the practice discussion board. Look at the messages and add one of your own. Follow this link (not a real link)
  • If you have AOL or another service with a chat room visit it and see how it works.
  • Practice your typing.
  • Visit the school’s web site for out online course.
    • (not a real site)
    •  Look around at the different areas and links. Use this temporary password to log in. uvwxyz (all lower case letters)

Basic Course Goals

  • Fulfill all California requirements for earning 5 credits in English

  • Actively work on preparation for the High School Exit Exam

  • Actively improve and learn new computer related skills

More details about your online course will be made available to you next week. 

You or your parent may e-mail me if you have any questions.

Lets make this a great course.