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Prerequisites, Required and Elective Courses

The master's program consists of ten courses (45 quarter units) as follows: eight requirements (four of which are prerequisite to all other courses in the program), one technical elective, and one theoretical elective. The required thesis or project course must be the last one taken. The first four courses in the program and the project/thesis are offered every quarter; the remaining courses are offered on a rotating basis so that students may complete the program in about a year and a half. A 3.0 GPA or better in all work is required.


These first four courses are each five weeks in length, and are offered every quarter. Upon completion of these prerequisite courses, students may be awarded a Certificate in Online Teaching & Learning. A 3.0 GPA or better in all work undertaken for the M.S. program is required.

EDUI 6701: Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning (4.5 Units)
Design and delivery of online coursework with consideration of traditional principles of education, virtual classroom, synchronous vs. asynchronous teaching and learning, copyright and fair use, accessibility, appropriate learning strategies in real-time and online classes, potential for interactivity, and contrast between the principles and practices of onground and online teaching and learning. 

EDUI 6702: Models for Online Instruction (4.5 Units)
Teaching models and their relationship to curriculum development, to student learning, to assessment, and to learning psychology. Special attention to the application of traditional teaching models to online instruction, different learning styles, various teaching and learning situations, needs of learners with accessibility issues, and limitations of current technologies. Prerequisite: EDUI 6701 

EDUI 6703: Technology Tools for Online Instruction (4.5 Units)
Design and construction of online environments for teaching and learning. Attention to platform, browser, system differences and limitations as well as to synchronous, asynchronous, and web-based delivery systems. Differences among online delivery providers, emphasis on maximum accessibility. Prerequisites: EDUI  6701, and 6702.

EDUI 6704: Designing Curriculum for Online Instruction (4.5 Units)
Incorporating traditional and online teaching strategies and concepts into the design of an online course, including assignments, assessment, collaboration, participation, and course materials. Teaching models and learning outcomes in onground and online courses. Practice in linking appropriate teaching models and designated learning outcomes with attention to differing learning styles. Prerequisites: EDUI 6701, 6702, and 6703.

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The four required courses are each ten weeks in length, and are offered on a rotating basis so that students may complete the program in about a year and a half (5-6 academic quarters). At least one will be offered each quarter.

EDUI 6705: Educational Planning and Development for Online Programs (4.5 Units)
History of innovation in traditional and online education and its effect on educational culture and thought. Organizational and managerial issues, problems, decision-making, and solutions for successful implementation of online programs. Solutions to educational problems common to onground an online teaching environments as well as consideration of educational problems unique to online education such as intensive faculty development and support.   Prerequisites: EDUI 6701, 6702, 6703, and 6704.

EDUI 6706: Research in Online Teaching and Learning (4.5 Units)
Research methods in education, both quantitative and qualitative, with attention to sources, collection, and uses of data. Critical analysis of research on online teaching and learning. Preparation of a research project to include references, rationale, and outline. Offered collaboratively with library staff. Prerequisites: EDUI 6701, 6702, 6703, and 6704

EDUI 6707: History and Culture of Online Learning Communities (4.5 Units)
The development of the cyber classroom of today from both traditional distance learning correspondence courses and early networked virtual realities with attention to the history and culture of traditional education. Evolution of traditional and online teaching and learning roles, development of institutional responsibilities, and growth of degree, certificate, and enrichment programs. Prerequisites: EDUI 6701, 6702, 6703, and 6704

EDUI 6899: Project (2-5) or
EDUI 6910: University Thesis(2-5 Units)
One or the other of these courses will be the last of the ten courses in your M.S. program. This culminating effort may be a traditional research thesis (quantitative or qualitative) completed under the guidance of the thesis advisor. Or it may involve the construction of an online course, interactive course components, online program, or any other application of the materials of the program. In both cases, work will be supported by a survey of existing resources and work on the topic or project in question, a justification -- both pedagogical and practical -- for the approach selected, and, in the case of the project, a full description of the final project. All these matters will be covered in EDUI 6706: Research in Online Teaching and Learning, and students should plan to use that course as a springboard for their project or thesis.

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Elective courses are ten weeks in length. Students must complete two electives of which one must be in the Theoretical Area (677x), and one in the Methodological/Technical Area (678x). At least one elective will be offered each quarter, with 677x or 678x offered in alternate quarters.

EDUI 6772: Content Development for Online Learning (4.5 Units)
Creating course materials specific to various learning environments--corporate, academic, military, industrial, enrichment, online and onground. Differences between training and education with emphasis on relevant teaching and learning strategies for each modality. Completion of online teaching components suitable to at least two different environments. Prerequisites: EDUI 6701, 6702, 6703, and 6704.

EDUI 6773: Supervising and Evaluating Online Teaching (4.5 Units)
Effective delivery of online materials within the context of traditional educational theories of supervisory functions. Adaptation of techniques, including clinical supervision, for promoting and supporting teacher growth and development in the online environment. Online mentoring of new online teachers. Prerequisites: EDUI 6701, 6702, 6703, and 6704

EDUI 6774: Current Issues in Online Learning (4.5 Units) 
Controversies, problems, and promises of online teaching and learning, including examination of the role of gender, class, race in online teaching and learning, the potential impact of corporate influences on traditional educational paradigms, and the future of both online and onground education.
Prerequisites: EDUI 6701, 6702, 6703, and 6704.

EDUI 6780: Building the Online Environment (4.5 Units)
Designing and implementing an online teaching site, including assignments, interactivity, contact protocols, syllabus, course materials, and research and development resources for student use. Presentation of materials in various formats including PDF, Shockwave, Flash, and HTML. Prerequisites: EDUI 6701, 6702, 6703, and 6704. 

EDUI   6781:Creating Digital Media for Online Instruction (4.5 Units)
Making multimedia materials available in the online classroom with texts, images, sounds, videos, animations. Needs of students with accessibility challenges are covered. Prerequisites: EDUI 6701, 6702, 6703, and 6704.

EDUI 6782: Designing and Implementing User Interfaces for Online Instruction (4.5 Units)
Using principles of user interface, audience analysis, discourse communities, and educational psychology to design online educational sites which reflect the needs of teachers, learners, and the global community. The effectiveness of colors, images animations, and interactivity to facilitate communication with online students will be covered. Accessibility issues will be stressed. Prerequisites: EDUI 6701, 6702, 6703, and 6704.

EDUI 6783: Providing Interactivity in the Online Environment (4.5 Units)
Using the latest and most sophisticated web resources to create learning environments that maximize interactivity, collaboration, document sharing, assessment, and access to multimedia materials. Prerequisites: EDUI 6701, 6702, 6703, and 6704.

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