Power BI

One Day Workshhop

Power Views

  1. Get started with Power View
  2. Working with Data
  3. Data sources for Power View
  4. Import Data into Excel 2013, and Create a Data Model
  5. Incorporate Internet Data, and Set Power View Report Defaults
  6. Filter and highlight data
  7. Slicers
  8. Sorting
  9. Create charts and other visualizations
  10. Create Map-based Power View Reports
  11. Reporting – Create Amazing Power View Reports
  12. Reports with multiple views in Power View in SharePoint
  13. Share Power View reports
  14. Share Power View in Excel
  15. Share Power View in SharePoint reports (RDLX files)
  16. Print Power View reports
  17. Set Power View reporting properties in Power Pivot
  18. Extend Data Model relationships using Excel 2013, Power Pivot, and DAX​

Power Map

  1. Getting Started with PowerMap
  2. Importing Data from a website
  3. Importing Data from a database
  4. Importing Data from an excel file
  5. Explore your data in a Power Map tour
  6. Geocode your Power Map data
  7. Move around in Power Map
  8. Visualize your data in Power Map
  9. Change the look of your Power Map
  10. Create a custom map in Power Map
  11. Add or move a scene in a Power Map tour
  12. Filter data in a Power Map tour
  13. Change Power Map time options
  14. Export a Power Map tour as a video