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Our Remote Courses Are As Interactive As Traditional Classroom! Learn live from a Microsoft MVP who will keep you engaged and focused, even when you’re not in the room in an interactive and immersive learning experience.


Certiport has developed a new home-based solution that allows for administered exams that test candidates can take from home. This solution enables individuals to continue to pursue the industry recognized certification that will distinguish themselves from others in an increasingly difficult hiring environment.


Today’s businesses prosper and compete best when they’re at the cutting edge of technology. Are you? The Microsoft Office Suite is used by 1.3 billion persons across the globe. Its popularity is only one good reason to get to know MS Office, but there are many reasons you need to know the Microsoft Office Suite.
Popularity: Because Microsoft is used by 80% of businesses, the skills you have working on the software are immediately transferrable to new jobs and companies. It’s as if you speak the same language as everyone else! What happens to you—and your career—if you don’t?
Communication: You can communicate and collaborate more effectively with the Microsoft tools. Whether you’re using Outlook for email, or taking advantage of the co-authoring features in Word and PowerPoint, you’re literally on the same page as your co-workers.
Productivity: Microsoft helps you operate more efficiently so you can be more productive. Excel advanced analytical tools enable you discover patterns and make sound financial decisions.
Simplicity: Each of the MS Office components is user-friendly and includes easy-to-access help files built right in

If you want a career in business, you’ll want to become a Microsoft Office Suite expert. Not sure how to start? You are in the right place: Check out our Free training Videos, read our blogs and watch our live webinars. Should you wish a structured course for your company, then explore our course catalog to see how training your employees can be the best investment for your business.

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This is the parent company name and logo and our branded name across different social media platforms. The website is www.OfficeInstructor.ca.
This blog site OfficeInstructor.com is a member of the OfficeInstructor family.


Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. They are always on the “bleeding edge” and have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting technologies.
I was honored and humbled to join an elite community of distinguished achievers by receiving the Microsoft MVP award.

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What are you looking for?

Do you need an Excel, Power Pivot, Power BI, Tableau or VBA training?
Are you Switching to Office 2016 or Office 2019 or Office 365?
Do you need a OneNote, Project, Visio or PowerPoint training? or wish to enrich your knowledge in Access, Outlook or Word courses? We have them all…
Over 50 courses, and growing… some exclusive courses such as Dashboard creation and Power User Functions are also available.

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My New Book Is Now on Amazon

I recently published a new book on Amazon: Data Validation… a back door to Master Excel Here is the promo video for the book. I am also including in this articl...

The Greatest Excel Event … Is Now At your Finger Tip

The Greatest Excel Event From 21st. to the 23rd. of July Non-Stop Learning by 50 Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) donating their time for charity – ...

  • Home OfficeInstructor

    “I was impressed with the wide variety of classes offered at the “Office Instructor” Center. The flexibility of morning, afternoon or evening sessions made it possible to learn after work . Also Weekend courses made going “back to school” easier than I expected.. I’m glad a friend recommended this.”

    Bradley Grosh
  • Home OfficeInstructor

    “Our Instructor Nabil Mourad is the best instructor I have had to date. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything in a way that makes sense. He does not continually use technical terms, but uses everyday experience wording to explain. He provided us with invaluable quick tips and shortcuts. I have used Excel extensively, and I didn’t know most of what he showed us.”

    Susan Beaton - Canada Post Ontario
  • Home OfficeInstructor

    “I was always challenged when it came to taking tests. Everything else clicked, but I had terrible scores at recruiting agencies online tests. I took a few test preparations classes at “The Office Instructor” center and my scores have really improved. Thanks for helping me.”

    John McCoist
  • Home OfficeInstructor

    “Nabil was an amazing instructor. I’m genuinely impressed with his sheer amount of knowledge and strong teaching skills. Today was an amazing learning experience. Nabil is definitely the best instructor I’ve had so far. Thank you again Nabil”

    Lorena Eduardo - York Region Ontario
  • Home OfficeInstructor

    “​Nabil Mourad is a natural born instructor… in fact the most informed and knowledgeable instructor in any course that I have attended over the last several years. He not only is a master of the material – he also is very perceptive to the principles of adult learning and can quickly adjust to meet the interests of his audience. I would highly recommend him for future courses and in fact will be recommending this course to staff in my branch and specifically requesting him as the instructor. He is Triple AAA+++ “

    Judy Stamp - Ministry of the Attorney General Ontario

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