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Company Overview

OfficeInstructor is a professional development and business training company with a focus on Microsoft Office applications, Power BI Data Analytics, and Visualization. Our courses are tailored and could be delivered in person at client site or remotely across the globe. Clients are mainly large public companies, government organizations, Financial and educational institutions as well as private companies. The OfficeInstructor is also a Microsoft authorized testing centers in the GTA for Microsoft Office Specialist (“MOS”) exams and certifications. Founded by Nabil Mourad in 2011; Headquartered in Toronto – Canada.

Experienced Instructors

Our Microsoft Certified Trainers, combine their vast industry experience with a passion for teaching. They stay at the forefront of technological advancements and bring real- world insights to their sessions. With their engaging and interactive teaching methods, they ensure maximum knowledge retention and practical application for all participants.

Our Head Instructor

Nabil Mourad is an Excel enthusiast and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). He also works as a College Professor of Computer Applications in Toronto. Nabil delivered over 2000 Corporate Training sessions at client site and Remotely. His primary areas of Teaching are Excel, Power BI, Data analytics, Automation and Visualization, as well as the Microsoft Office suite. 

Nabil is most passionate about teaching, in particular teaching technology. In 2003 He earned his first Master Instructor Certificate and since 2008 He was recognized as a Microsoft Certified Trainer to date. For over 18 years, he found his dream job passing on his passion for teaching technology.

Download Company Overview Brochure

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