After 15 Years In Service Calibri Font Retires From Being The Default Font.

Calibri Font History:

Calibri Font has been the default font for all things Microsoft 365 since 2007, when it stepped in to replace Times New Roman across Microsoft Office. According to Si Daniels (Principal Program Manager for fonts and typography, Microsoft Office Design) : “Calibri has served us all well, but we believe it’s time to evolve. To help us set a new direction, we’ve commissioned five original, custom fonts to eventually replace Calibri as the default”.

Five New Fonts: meet Tenorite, Bierstadt, Skeena, Seaford, and Grandview

Read more about the Calibri font below:

Beyond Calibri: Finding Microsoft’s Next Default Font | by Microsoft Design | Microsoft Design | Apr, 2021 | Medium

The last Change in the default Font was in Office 2007

According to Joe friend (Software program manager at Microsoft) there were 2 reasons for changing the default fonts from Times New Roman to Calibri

Read the Full article Here:


What’s Next?

According to Si Daniels:

We’ll be evaluating these five directions over the next few months, but we won’t be doing that alone. All five font families are now available via the cloud across your favorite Microsoft 365 apps and experiences. You can play around with these new fonts starting today, and we welcome your ideas and opinions in the comments below!

Corporate Training with Nabil Mourad (Microsoft MVP)


Calibri Font retires


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