Basic Computer knowledge- No PowerPoint experience needed

Course Overview

Learn how to use the vast array of features and functionality contained within PowerPoint 2016 to create engaging, dynamic, multimedia presentations. Gain the skills you need to organize your content, enhance it with high-impact tables, charts and graphics, and deliver it with a punch.

Microsoft PowerPoint Topics

  1. What is PowerPoint?
  2. Open Sample Files
  3. Power Point Interface
  4. Adding Buttons to QAT
  5. Customizing the Ribbon
  6. Open (New-Ex-Temp)
  7. Saving a Presentation
  8. Viewing a SlideShow
  9. Add and delete Slides
  10. Slides Layout
  11. Using the Views buttons
  12. Dividing a presentation into Sections.
  13. Create Presentation from Outline
  14. Reuse Slides
  15. Adding text to Placeholders
  16. Using Text Boxes
  17. Cut, Copy & Paste
  18. Auto Correct & Auto Fit features
  19. Using the Find feature
  20. Replace text
  21. Replace Fonts
  22. Spell check and Proofing
  23. Using Themes
  24. Adding Backgrounds
  25. Text Alignment
  26. Bullets and Numbering
  27. Bullet Format
  28. Using Pictures and Clipart
  29. Dealing with Shapes
  30. Inserting a WordArt
  31. Create a Diagram
  32. Smart Art from Bullets
  33. Add Pictures to Smart Art
  34. Using simple Animations
  35. Customize Animations
  36. Using Slide Transition.
  37. Printing slides
  38. Printing Options
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