Build Your Own Custom Course by Selecting Topics (Code:66000)

Brand New Course Exclusively by Office Instructor

You can customize your Excel course the way you like by selecting from a list of topics. The selected topics will be approved to fit in one day training.


Let your clients evaluate their current knowledge and select the topics (4-5) they want to learn

List of Topics to Select From

1- Navigation in Excel Worksheets and workbooks
2- Methods of Entering Data in Excel
3- Graphic representation of your data by creating Charts
4- Concept of Calculations in Excel
5- Save time by using Shortcuts
6- Sorting and Filtering
7- Conditional Formatting basics
8- Advanced Conditional Formatting
9- Pivot Tables for beginners
10- Advanced Pivot Tables tips and Tricks
11- Naming Cells and Ranges
12- Data Validation Basic to Advanced
13- Financial Functions
14- Logical Functions
15- Lookup Functions
16- Date and Time Functions
17- Text Functions
18- Comparing Lists
19- Extracting Records
20- The Summarising Tools in Excel
21- What-If Analysis
22- Recording Macros
23- Getting External Data (Power Query)
24- Creating a Data Model (Power Pivot)
25- Integrating Excel in MS Word or PowerPoint
26- Using Excel Data for Sending Emails
27- Extract a List of Sheet names
28- Combining multiple worksheets
29- Combining multiple workbooks
30- Creating a month Calendar (PQ)
31- Creating a Year Calendar (DA)
32- Productivity Tips and Tricks

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