How to write notes inside a function in excel

Write NOTES Inside a Function in Excel – Simple steps

One of the most common questions in my youtube channel is “How to Write NOTES inside a Function in Excel” Sometimes I build complex functions with multiple levels of nesting. To make it ea...

Lookup The LAST Non-Empty Cell Value

How to Lookup The LAST Non-Empty Cell Value In a Column or In a Row

You might have an Excel situation where you need to find the last non-empty cell value whether in a Column or in a Row. Things can get more difficult if you lookup the last value based upon a conditio...

14 New TEXT Functions

Amazing Feature: 14 New TEXT functions

Microsoft Just announced today (16 March 2022) the release of 14 amazing new TEXT Functions that can be categorized as: 14 New Text Functions: Here are some of the new text functions Microsoft release...

Switching Charts with A Drop list

  Table of Contents Switching Charts with A Drop-Down List 3 1. Creating a data preparation table 3 Creating a drop list for the different months 3 Creating row labels for the 2 preparation table...

Useful New Functionality Dropdown just added to Excel

Table of Contents Dropdown in excel is one of the most useful feature. With the help of drop you can setup predefined actions and makes text input easier. Searchable dropdown list has always been an u...

power query

4 Easy Ways to Combine Files with Power Query

With the help of Power Query, you can work with multiple files and sheets and be able to combine the data efficiently. When working in Excel, you might be organizing your data in different files, and ...

Complete Guide on Volatile Functions in Excel

Slow Excel Calculations? Search for Volatile Functions There are some functions in Excel called Volatile functions. If you have a large number of these functions in the workbook, they slow down Excel ...

The Ultimate Guide to Pivot Tables. Everything you need to know about Pivot Tables

Table of Contents Download the Exercise Files Because practicing is an integral part of the learning process, I am providing all the exercise files so that you can follow step by step. You can downloa...

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