Add Shut Down Shortcut To Taskbar … and Save Time

Save a Few Clicks by Adding a Shut down Button to the Taskbar Yes, you’re right. It’s not a big deal every time you finish work and you want to shut down your computer: You Click on the Start button C...

Send Messages from Excel To WhatsApp

In this article, I will show you how to integrate the functionality of WhatsApp within Excel. You will be able to use Excel data from the worksheet to send personalized WhatsApp messages directly from...

SharePoint Online – Beginners Course

SharePoint Essential Training Use SharePoint for Documents and Collaboration From its humble beginnings, as a homegrown product created to make it easier for Microsoft employees to find and retrieve t...

Generate Codes Dynamically with a Pattern from Your Data

Sometimes you need to create a unique code for a list of Products, Sales transactions, Students or Patients records or any other work situation. Having a unique identifier for each record is very impo...

Translate Text or Functions in Excel

Three Methods To Translate Text or Functions in Excel

If you ever wondered how to translate excel spreadsheets into another language.  This blog will give you a clear guidance on how to do exactly that.  Translation is more than just changing words from ...

How to write notes inside a function in excel

Write NOTES Inside a Function in Excel – Simple steps

One of the most common questions in my youtube channel is “How to Write NOTES inside a Function in Excel” Sometimes I build complex functions with multiple levels of nesting. To make it ea...

Lookup The LAST Non-Empty Cell Value

How to Lookup The LAST Non-Empty Cell Value In a Column or In a Row

You might have an Excel situation where you need to find the last non-empty cell value whether in a Column or in a Row. Things can get more difficult if you lookup the last value based upon a conditio...

14 New TEXT Functions

Amazing Feature: 14 New TEXT functions

Microsoft Just announced today (16 March 2022) the release of 14 amazing new TEXT Functions that can be categorized as: 14 New Text Functions: Here are some of the new text functions Microsoft release...

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