Extracting Records with VBA

Extracting Records with VBA Start File One of the most common tasks we do in Excel is to extract records based upon conditions we specify. In this post I show you 2 different methods to extract record...

Excel & Access Team Together

Excel & Access Team Together Start Files: Student Loans.accdb Student Accounts.xlsx Students.xlsx Excel and Access interact perfectly with each other. It’s common to have data spread between the t...

Adding a Different Look To Your Interactive Dashboard

Code for Interactive Dashboard Course This code Changes the Background in 4 different colors Switch to the Visual Basic ALT + F11 Insert a Module ALT >I>M Copy and Paste the codes here below the...

Extracting Records from a List Dynamically with Functions

Extracting Records from a List Dynamically with Functions – The # One Task in Excel Hello everybody, In this post we are going to introduce to you a very important and common task used in Excel which ...

How to use the COUNT functions in Excel

Did you know that COUNT functions are one of the most commonly used functions in our work and lives? I am confident that you will be able to handle COUNT functions after you review the descriptions an...

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