Create A Popup Reminder In Excel

This useful project enables you to create a popup Reminder in Excel that Beeps, Displays your Custom Message and reads it aloud. Without any knowledge in VBA, Copy the code here under and paste it int...

Create a Stopwatch or a Countdown Timer in Excel… Step By Step

How to Create a Timer or a Countdown in Excel… Very Useful Creating a Timer/Stop watch in Excel Professionals who are used to organizing their lives in Excel at some point wish Excel could include a t...

Color Hundreds of Sheet Tabs in One Step in Different Colors

To Download the  exercise File and Follow along click Here       Here is the Code Sub ChangeColors() Dim WS As Worksheet Dim IndexColor As Long IndexColor = 50000 For Each WS In Workshe...

Extracting Records with VBA

Extracting Records with VBA Start File One of the most common tasks we do in Excel is to extract records based upon conditions we specify. In this post I show you 2 different methods to extract record...

Adding a Different Look To Your Interactive Dashboard

Code for Interactive Dashboard Course This code Changes the Background in 4 different colors Switch to the Visual Basic ALT + F11 Insert a Module ALT >I>M Copy and Paste the codes here below the...

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