Create A Popup Reminder In Excel

This useful project enables you to create a popup Reminder in Excel that Beeps, Displays your Custom Message and reads it aloud.
Without any knowledge in VBA, Copy the code here under and paste it into your visual basic Editor.
To Switch to the visual Basic Editor hit ALT + F11
Insert a Module (ALT + I + M)

Paste the Code:

Dim Alarm As Double ‘(allows decimals)
Dim Message As String

Sub PopupReminder()
Dim When As String
If Alarm = 0 Then
When = InputBox(“What time would you like the reminder message to Popup?”)
If When <> “” And When <> “False” Then
Message = InputBox(“Please enter the reminder message”)
On Error Resume Next
Alarm = Date + TimeValue(When)
On Error GoTo 0 ‘(disables error handling)
Application.OnTime Alarm, ” PopupReminder ” ‘(triggers the subroutine and goes to the Else)
End If
Application.Speech.Speak Message
MsgBox Message
Message = “”
Alarm = 0
End If
End Sub

Back to Excel (Alt +F11)
To customize the Ribbon, watch how I do it in the Video

Here is the Video Tutorial from my YouTube Channel

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