EXCEL 2013 – 2016 – 2019 ADVANCED COURSE – ONE DAY


To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following course (or have equivalent knowledge): Excel Intermediate Level.

Course overview

This course will teach you how to analyze and report on data frequently, work in collaboration with others to deliver actionable organizational intelligence, and keep and maintain workbooks for all manner of purposes.

You will also learn how to collaborate with colleagues, automate complex or repetitive tasks, and use conditional logic to construct and apply elaborate formulas and functions that will put the full power of Excel right at your fingertips.

The more you learn about how to get Excel to do the hard work for you, the more you’ll be able to focus on getting the answers you need from the vast amounts of data your organization generates.


Be able to extract information out Raw data and make a better-informed business decision.

Excel Advanced Topics

  1. Summarizing data using Outline
  2. Summarizing data using Subtotal
  3. Combining data using Consolidation
  4. Pivot Tables Basics
  5. Pivot Charts Basics
  6. Filtering Pivot Tables
  7. Using Slicers
  8. Creating Sparklines
  9. Create Scenarios
  10. Using Goal Seek
  11. Variable Data Tables
  12. Using the Solver
  13. Linking & Embedding
  14. Getting External Data
  15. Sharing – Tracking Changes
  16. Combining Worksheets
  17. Creating Macros
  18. Running Macros
  19. Creating Forms
  20. Assign a Macro to a Control
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