We developed 6 New Half Day courses that are in great demand, employees will be able to perform their regular work tasks and spend only 3 hours on their professional development. These courses are:

  • Data Validation is a Game Changer
    In this course clients learn that data validation can do a lot more than just creating drop lists. We also learn how to create multiple dependent drop lists, Searchable Drop lists and Reducing Drop Lists. How to deal with errors in Drop lists and allow editing. We’ll be also creating a Chart Drop list, Functions drop list and Slicer Drop list.
  • Conditional Formatting with Formulas:
    1. Format the Highest/Lowest Value in a Row/Column
    2. Highlight the Amount when Transactional Date meets Criteria
    3. Highlight a record based on Sales Criteria
    4. Create alternating colors in rows or columns in a range
    5. Highlight the record containing Sample Text
    6. Highlight the cell containing Intersecting values
    7. Display only Values with “No” or “Yes”
    8. Conditional Formatting with Date Math.
  • Mastering Date Math in Excel
    In this course you learn how to use and combine over 20 different date functions in Excel. Extremely useful for any Excel user specially Administrative, Accountants, Payroll, HR. In this course we create a project from ground up using Date functions combined with other functionalities.
  • Index and Match in Depth
    These are very popular and powerful functions in Excel, working together they create a dream team. Let’s explore what these amazing functions can do and how they serve as utility functions to charting and dashboards.
  • New Dynamic Array Functions
    If you are using Office 365, then you have access to the new calculation engine of Excel and the amazing dynamic array functions.
    in this course we explore some of them:
    Filter, Unique, Sort, Sequence, Randarray, Xlookup, Let functions … and more
  • Charting …Deep Dive
    In this course we learn about the advanced charting techniques. We create and format different types of charts. We switch charts using functions , drop lists and slicers.
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