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Excel Weekend - Nabil Mourad

Join Me and Other Fellow Excel MVPs and Experts at Excel Weekend on June 11, 12, and 13, 2021.

This is a FREE Event that anyone can attend, However you would need to REGISTER in order to gain access to other sessions of this Event.

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What is Excel Weekend?

The Excel Weekend is an ENTIRE weekend full of Microsoft Excel content, bringing together the greatest names of Excel in the world to share knowledge and celebrate their passion for the most used spreadsheet software on the planet!

Excel Weekend - Nabil MouradYou can take a look at the Full Event list, Speakers, and Schedule in the link below

Hope to see you at the event on June 13th at 9 PM ( GMT -3 )

Excel Weekend 7


Schedule and Speakers


Day Start (GMT-3)


Carlos Barboza11 – 17:3017:30 Abertura do Excel Weekend 7 (Opening)
Kaycee Reineke11 – 18:00What’s New in Excel
David Monroy11 – 18:30Power BI Data Types and Power BI connected PivotTables
Elisabetta Caldesi11 – 19:00Wolfram Data Types and Smart Templates
Ken Puls11 – 19:30Solving the UnVLOOKUPable problem – An introduction to the Excel Data Model
Bill Jelen11 – 20:00Pivot Table Secrets
David Benaim12 – 08:00Excel’s new visualisations
Dr Karpagam T12 – 08:30Doing more with IFS family function
Faraz H. Ali Shaikh12 – 09:00Work SMART with Power Query & Power Automate
Tony De Jonker12 – 9:30Practical applications using Dynamic Array Functions
Karen Abecia12 – 10:00Você não fez mais do que a sua obrigação
Maria Braga12 – 10:30As vantagens de formatar os dados como tabela
Jardiel Euflázio12 – 11:00Vá além com a função SUBTOTAL
Paula Guilfoyle12 – 11:30Advanced Charting Techniques
Alan Murray12 – 12:00Do Not Underestimate the INDEX Function
Abiola David12 – 12:30The Power of LAMBDA and LET Functions
Celia Alves12 – 13:00M code tips to achieve more with Power Query
Mahmoud Bani Asadi12 – 13:30کاراکترهای شبح را در اکسل شناسایی و حذف کنید
Yolanda Cuesta Altieri12 – 14:00Conoce las herramientas de Inteligencia Artificial en Excel
Ismael Romero12 – 14:30Power Pivot en Excel-MDX: Recuperar info del modelo de datos
Julio C. Rendón12 – 15:00Los 3 pasos para lograr un Dashboard de alto impacto en Excel
Alfonso Lenis12 – 15:30Caso de automatización profesional en Excel con Power Query
Sergio Alejandro Campos12 – 16:00Por qué usar BUSCARX en lugar de BUSCARV
Carolina De Andrade12 – 16:30Excel no es solo Tablas, Gráficos y Números (Creando Controles Visuales)
Carlos Barboza12 – 17:00Gráficas de Excel con Matrices Dinámicas
EW7 Speakers12 – 18:30Challenges in Content Creation
Mar Gines Marin12 – 19:00AI in Excel
Adam Callens12 – 19:30Modern Collaboration in Excel
Liam Bastick12 – 20:00Introduction to LET and LAMBDA
Wyn Hopkins12 – 20:30Everything you need to know about XLOOKUP
Danielle Stein Fairhurst12 – 21:00Techniques for Better Forecasting in Excel
Oz du Soleil12 – 21:30Power Query Quick Tips
John Michaloudis13 – 8:00Top 10 Excel Tips of All Time!
Tim Heng13 – 8:30Be a pro: Top tips to use your top functions more effectively
Dave Langer13 – 9:00Linear Regression for ANY Professional
Jon Peltier13 – 9:30Effective Charting in Excel
Charles Williams13 – 10:00Excel’s most Evil and Hero Functions
Gašper Kamenšek13 – 10:30Extending the Classic Data Model Calendar
Frederic LE GUEN13 – 11:00Create your custom Data Type
Boriana Petrova13 – 11:30Save Time with Power Query Parameters
Jordan Goldmeier13 – 12:00Interactive Charts with Pivot Tables and Timelines
Nabil Mourad13 – 12:30Pivot Tables Tips and Secrets
Glauter Jannuzzi13 – 15:00O Poder do PeopleChain
Claudio Damasceno13 – 15:30O poder do Excel como ferramenta analítica de gestão
Viviane Martins13 – 16:00Análises em SQL com VBA
Marcos Rieper13 – 16:30Matrizes Dinâmicas
Cristiano Galvão13 – 17:00Conheça a Função LAMBDA, uma Inovação no Excel
João Benito Savastano13 – 17:30Gerando dados para testes no MS-Excel
Edson Cavalcante13 – 18:00Usando o Power Query para resolver problemas do dia a dia
Joviano Silveira13 – 18:30Loop no Power Query efetuando consulta na web
Alessandro Trovato13 – 19:00Office Script – Automatização online já é uma realidade
Cristiano e Ligia Galvão13 – 19:30Encerramento do Excel Weekend 7
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