Master Advanced Functions – One Day (Code: 20170)

Brand New Course Exclusively by Office Instructor


To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following course (or have equivalent knowledge): Excel Intermediate Level (Code: 20135)

Course Overview

Clients will gain the knowledge the skills and the confidence to create, format, enhance and print simple spreadsheets.

Instruction will be personalized by version (2016/2019/2021/365).


By the end of this course clients will be able to create reports using multiple levels of nested functions. They will be able to select the proper functions in building and entire project. This course is customised according to the version of Excel in use
(Office 365 has Dynamic Array functions)

Clients will learn over 100 examples of advanced uses of XLOOKUP ( VLOOKUP), SUMIFS, INDEX, MATCH,FILTER, UNIQUE, DATE, TEXT, CHOOSE, AGGREGATE, COLUMN, ROW, COUNTIF, IF, IFERROR and much more.

Among the Functions You Will Learn:

2. Extracting Records by Functions
3. Advanced Filter by Functions
4. Advanced SUMIFS function
5. SUMIFS with wild cards
6. Dependent Drop lists
7. Searchable drop lists
8. SUMPRODUCT function
10.AGGREGATE Function
11.TEXT Functions
12.Date Functions
13.Formula Auditing
14.Naming Cells and Ranges
15.Formula Text to document Functions
16.Print a list of all Named ranges in a Workbook
17.Comparing Lists
18.Using Controls with Functions
19.Important Shortcuts to save time.

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