The prerequisites for this course are an introductory course to Windows or a solid working knowledge of Windows and basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.

Course Overview

This course is an introduction to the Microsoft® Office 365™ for Office 2016 in a cloud-based environment. Using Office 365, users can easily communicate with each other through Microsoft® Outlook® mail, Teams, Groups, and Skype for Business instant messaging and online meetings.

Additionally, the Microsoft® SharePoint® Team Site provides a central location for accessing and modifying shared documents if your organization does not use a secure centrally built SharePoint environment. Office Web Apps enable users to perform basic tasks such as opening, editing, printing, and saving documents without requiring an installation of the full desktop version of Microsoft® Office 2016 on the local computer.

Office 365Topics

    1. What is office 365?
    2. Services provided in office 365
    3. Connecting to the services
    4. Office 365 integration
    5. Connecting to office 365
    6. Logging in
    7. Office 365 portal overview
    8. Lync options
    9. Work with the outlook web app
    10. OWA interface overview
    11. Email
    12. Calendar
    13. Themes and rules
    14. Contacts and public groups
    15. Other options
    16. Office 365 and outlook 2010/2013
    17. Outlook 2010 new features
    18. Use the gal
    19. Share calendars
    20. Schedule meetings
    21. Using Lync
    22. Set options
    23. Instant messaging and contacts
    24. Online meetings and meeting requests
    25. Application and information sharing
    26. Outlook integration
    27. Using SharePoint
    28. Team site overview
    29. Explore and navigate a site
    30. Use document libraries
    31. Collaboration tools
    32. Outlook and Microsoft office integration
    33. Use the calendar
    34. Publishing tools
    35. Working offline
    36. Searching
    37. Work with office web apps
    38. Create, view and change files
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