Microsoft Project 2019 – Level 1 (Code: 42100)

This course is designed to familiarize you with the basic features and functions of Microsoft Project Professional

This course covers the critical knowledge and skills a project manager needs to create a project plan with Project during the planning phase of a project. In other words, if your supervisor assigns you to lead a project, this course will enable you to draft a project plan with Project and share it with your supervisor (and others) for review and approval.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for a person with an understanding of project management concepts, as well as general desktop computer skills, and who will be responsible for creating and maintaining project plans. This course will give you the fundamental understanding of Microsoft Project necessary to construct basic project plans.


Students enrolling in this class should have the following:

  • A general introductory-level understanding of project management concepts
  • End-user skills with the current Windows operating system.
  • Proficient skills using Microsoft Office products

Course Outline

1. Identify Project Management Concepts
2. Navigate in the Microsoft Project Desktop Environment
3. Creating a New Project Plan File
4. Set Project Plan Options
5. Assign a Project Calendar
6. Add Tasks to a Project Plan
7. Enter Task Duration Estimates
8. Create a Work Breakdown Structure
9. Define Task Relationships
10.Schedule Tasks
11.Add Resources to a Project
12.Create a Resource Calendar
13.Enter Costs for Resources
14.Assigning Resources to Tasks
15.Resolve Resource Conflicts
16.Optimize a Project Plan
17.Set a Baseline
18.Share a Project Plan

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