Next Level Power Bi for Experienced Users (Code: 40155)

Learn advanced features of Power BI for deeper data analysis.

For professionals with Power BI experience, learn about advanced features through a hands-on exploration of effective analysis techniques.

Who Should Attend?

Business Analyst, Data Analysts, Data Scientist, or professionals responsible for reporting on your organization’s data.

What you'll Learn?

Join an engaging hands-on learning environment, where you’ll:

  • Create Advanced Power BI Reports
  • Have an advanced understanding of the data schemas and extracting data
  • Perform advanced transformations of data
  • Utilize time-phased data in the creation of complex analyses
  • Create new measures using DAX
  • Filter data using row-level security
  • Create and deploy content packs

Course Outline

1. Select and mine relevant tables with ODATA
2. Advanced ODATA data mining
3. Importing other data formats
4. Advanced Editing of data queries
5. Managing table relationships
6. Creating & using data hierarchies
7. Creating custom columns and measures.
8. Using advanced visualizations
9. Configuring drill-down
10.Modifying visual interactions
11.Importing and creating custom visuals
12.Creating Dashboard and row-level security
13.Utilizing Filtering using row-level security
14.Building Mobile Reporting
15.Creating and deploying content packs
16.Configuring natural language query

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