To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following course (or have equivalent knowledge): Outlook Intermediate Level.

Course Overview

Clients work with a wide range of features and options and in so doing, understand why Outlook is a leading personal management system.

Advanced Outlook Topics

  1. Explore the User Interface
  2. Backstage View
  3. Ribbon Overview
  4. Mini Toolbar
  5. Status Bar
  6. Shortcut Key Tips
  7. Contextual Tabs
  8. Advanced Organizational Tools
  9. Create, Delete, Rename and Manage Outlook Folders
  10. Move Messages to Folders
  11. Use and Create Quick Steps
  12. Use the Rules and Alerts Wizard
  13. Create an Out of Office Message
  14. Configure Junk Email Options
  15. Create, Customize and Use Search Folders
  16. Use Instant Search
  17. Advanced Email Features
  18. Use the Format Text Ribbon
  19. Use the Insert Ribbon
  20. Set Mail Advanced Mail Options
  21. Create and Use a Signature
  22. Recall and Delay Messages
  23. Use Voting Buttons
  24. Conversation View
  25. Clean Up Conversations
  26. Advanced Contact Features
  27. Use People Pane
  28. Set-up and Use the Social Connector
  29. Customize Business Cards
  30. Assign a Task to a Contact
  31. Map the Geographical Location of a Contact
  32. Forward a Contact
  33. Sort and Filter Contacts
  34. Set Contact Options
  35. Use Contacts for a Mail Merge
  36. Link Items to a Contact
  37. Advanced Calendar Options
  38. Customize the Calendar Screen
  39. Add Holidays and Time Zones
  40. Use and Customize Categories
  41. Create a Recurring Appointment
  42. Use the Schedule View
  43. Schedule and Request Meetings
  44. Use Calendar Overlay
  45. Create Calendar Groups
  46. Share a Calendar
  47. Advanced Task Options
  48. Assign Tasks
  49. Track Assigned Tasks
  50. Request a Status Report for Tasks
  51. Data Management
  52. Use Archive Folders
  53. Manual and Auto Archive
  54. Import and Export Information
  55. Set Outlook Options
  56. Use RSS Feeds
  57. Use Outlook Forms
  58. Create a User Template / Stationery
  59. Create a Custom Form
  60. Track Journal Entries and Contact Activities
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