Pivot Charts and Pivot Table in PowerPoint (Detailed Guide)

pivot table in powerpoint

Why would someone need pivot table in PowerPoint?

For a lot of reasons, To showcase their worksheet. Create a live worksheet to show how one KPI affects others and so on.

As Excel is a member of a big family called the Microsoft Office Suite of Applications, which includes among other members, PowerPoint and Word…

Accordingly, they share a common Interface (the Ribbon and a working area below it) and they complement each other… They can be integrated within each other.

In this tutorial I show you how I bring an Excel Pivot Table in PowerPoint, create a slicer and a Pivot Chart… and have them fully interactive in PowerPoint.

I can’t wait to show you how to add a pivot table in PowerPoint

You can download the Exercise file and follow along by clicking here below

In this worksheet I have a source list which shows the following columns:

Date, Region, Manager, Customer, COGS and Sales.

I want to analyze my data by creating a Pivot Table and a Pivot Chart, in preparation for an upcoming meeting. I would also like to integrate my analysis into the presentation I’ll be delivering…

I will start creating my Pivot table in Excel then transfer it to PowerPoint.

In PowerPoint, I will modify my Pivot Table, add a Slicer, a Pivot Chart and test the interactivity.

Creating the Pivot Table in Excel

Select any single cell in the source list.

On the Left side of the Insert Tab ►Click on Pivot table ►The Pivot Table Wizard Pops up.

Accept the default to create a Pivot Table in a New worksheet.

In the new worksheet drag field to different drop areas:

  1. Drag Manager to Rows
  2. Drag Region to Columns
  3. Drag Sales to Values

Formatting Numbers in Pivot Tables:

Select any number and Right click ► Select Number Format ►Accounting ►OK

Bring Row and Column Labels:

Click on the Design Tab ►Report Layout ►Show in Tabular Form

Apply a Style from the Style gallery on the Design Tab.

Moving the Pivot Table to PowerPoint (or Word):

Select any cell in the Pivot Table

Click on the Analyze Tab ►Actions Group ►Select drop list ►Entire Pivot Table

Copy the selection CTRL + C

Open a New Blank PowerPoint Presentation

Home Tab ► Layout drop list ► Blank Layout

Paste the copied Pivot Table into the single slide.

From the Paste Options Tag ► Select the middle option “Embed”

Close Excel and continue building the Pivot Table in PowerPoint.

In PPT, Double click on the outer Border of the Pivot Table ► look at the Ribbon commands changing to Excel Ribbon Tabs (including the Analyze and Format Tabs for Pivot Table)

Right click any cell in the Pivot Table and select Show Field List

The Pivot Table Field List opens outside the slide ► Drag the Region out.

Insert a Slicer: Click on the Analyze Tab ►Insert Slicer ►Region

Resize and reposition the slicer to the Right side of the PT

On the Options Tab, Split the Slicer into 2 columns and resize it.

On the Options Tab apply a matching Style for the Slicer.

Select any cell in the PT and click on Pivot Chart on the Analyze Tab ►Select a Column Chart.

Format the column Chart (Value Axis, Legend, and color of the Data Series)

Now test the interactivity by selecting different options from the slicer.

Clicking outside the frame of the Pivot Table object, takes you back to PowerPoint. In PowerPoint you can animate the Pivot table like any other element.

To edit or change anything in the Pivot Table or Pivot Chart ►Double Click on its border.

If you want to insert excel data onto your PowerPoint slide, you can read this article from Microsoft to learn more.

You are now ready to impress your team and clients with fully interactive PT in PowerPoint.

You can watch the video Tutorial here below

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