Photoshop Entry Level


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This course provides an overview of the interface, tools, and features for using Adobe Photoshop. Clients should already have the software installed on their computers.


  1. Introducing the Photoshop Interface
  2. Opening an image from the desktop
  3. Opening an image from Bridge
  4. Zooming in and out
  5. Using the Hand and Zoom tools
  6. Understanding Selection and Layers
  7. Selections and Masks
  8. Copying and duplicating images
  9. Modifying Opacity
  10. Blend modes
  11. Applying an Adjustment layer
  12. Scale Rotate and Move
  13. Layer effects
  14. Creating and Formatting Text
  15. Blending text with a picture
  16. Using the Clone Stamp tool
  17. Using the Spot Healing Brush
  18. Flipping and Rotating the Source
  19. Saving a Layered PSD file
  20. Quick Export as PNG


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