Power Query for Beginners


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Power Query is a versatile data manipulation tool and is widely utilized in data analysis and business intelligence across Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power BI.

Robust analysis relies on well-organized data that is free from errors and that draws data from a single source of truth. Whilst many analysts spend hours of time manipulating data, combining data, and performing look ups, Power Query allows all of these steps to be automated with simple, repeatable steps.


  1. What is Power Query?
  2. Three things Power Query Can do
  3. Where to find Power Query
  4. Getting Data from an Excel Table
  5. Getting Data from another Excel File
  6. Getting Data from a Folder
  7. The Power Query Interface
  8. Concept of Applied steps
  9. Splitting data
  10. Removing Columns and Rows
  11. Renaming Columns
  12. Removing Duplicate Rows
  13. Extracting values
  14. Changing Case
  15. Data Types
  16. Appending Tables
  17. Transposing Tables
  18. Unpivot Columns
  19. Basics of Power Query Functions
  20. Loading Data
  21. Building a Month Calendar

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