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Although spreadsheets were created in the late seventies by Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston, however the main concept of today’s Pivot tables was envisioned in 1986 by the American engineer Pito Salas (named the father of Pivot Tables). He realized that often our data has patterns and if we can create a tool that identifies these patterns, we will be able to summarize and analyze this data and create a data model.  Pivot tables were introduced into Microsoft Excel in 1993 and since then became very popular among Excel users and are listed as a desirable skill in job description.

Pivot tables are one of the most powerful tools in Excel. With very little effort, you can use a pivot table to build great reports and dashboards for large data sets. This book is a one stop shop for learning Pivot Tables from ground up, and a step-by-step course with sample data.

We start learning How and where to create a pivot table, how to restructure it, what is the source data, we talk about properties, formatting, and calculations in pivot tables. You will learn about Sorting, Filtering, and creating pivot charts.

We then upsize our skills by exploring new options as possible sources for Pivot Tables (like Data Model or Power BI), explore layouts and detailed Pivot Table options, grouping, advanced calculations and GetPivotData function. Along the way we talk about creating Pivot Tables by using VBA and restructuring the pivot Tables with macros and compare Pivot tables to using Dynamic Array Functions.

We wrap-up our course by creating a complete interactive dashboard.

Learning Pivot Tables is a skill that will pay you back again and again. Pivot tables can dramatically increase your efficiency in Excel, so let’s dive in!

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