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If you have a list of tasks for any project, or a long To-Do list it’s good to know the percentage of completion of your Tasks in a visual way

In this article, I show you how to create a Progressive Data Bar by using Form Controls, functions and Conditional Formatting.

Here is my finished project

Preparation Steps

  • Let’s start a new Website development project and write down the list of tasks in column B (B6:B13)
  • Select Cells B4:C4 and click Merge and Centre on the Home Tab

NB: “Centre Across Selection” will not work for this functionality

  • I also inserted 2 pictures for a “Reset” and “Select All” buttons, to be used later

Add the Developer Tab to the Ribbon

Right Click any Tab and select Customize the Ribbon ► In the Excel Options Dialog Box ► Check the box for Developer ► Hit OK

Adding a Check Box Form Control

On the Developer Tab ► In the Controls Group ► Click on the Down Arrow for “Insert” ► Select “Check Box” (third icon in the Top Row).

  • Move the mouse pointer (crosshair) over cell B6 and drag to create a Check Box
  • Right click the Check Box ► Select “Edit Text” ► Delete the text to side of the Check Box
  • Deselect the Check Box then press CTRL and Click on it one more time.
  • In the Controls Group on the Developer Tab click : “Properties”
  • In the properties dialog box ► Cell Link ► Click on Cell B6 ► Ok

Copying the Check Box to all other cells

  • Select Cell B6 and drag down from the AutoFill Handle to copy the Check Box to all other tasks in the list.
  • From the Options Tag ► Select ‘Fill Without Formatting”, to get rid of the lines.
  • All Check Boxes copied are linked to the same cell B6. We need to change that.
  • Select the second Check Box while pressing CTRL and Click “Properties”. In the Cell Link box ► Select Cell B7.
  • Repeat for all other Check boxes, linking each one to the cell upon which it is sitting.
  • Checking a Box returns TRUE (=1) in the cell underneath.
  • Unchecking a Box returns False (=0) in the cell underneath.
  • Test then select the range B6:B13 (adjust to your range) and change the Font Color to White (to hide the TRUEs & FALSEs)

Adding Conditional Formatting

Select the Merged cell B4:C4 and create an Average Function:


NB: The division by 1 converts it to a percentage.

  • On the Home Tab ► Format as %

With 2 boxes Checked I get 25%

With the same 2 cells selected(B4:C4) ► Click on Conditional Format (Home Tab) ► Data Bar ► Solid Fill ►Blue

We see a Blue Bar filling the 2 Cells.

  • Now click on Conditional Format ►Manage Rules ► edit Rules.
  • In the Edit Formatting Rules Dialog Box
  • Change “Type” to “Number” for both Minimum & Maximum.
  • Then set the Value to 0 for Minimum and 1 for Maximum.
  • Hit OK twice and now test by checking and unchecking boxes.

Next Level

Adding a Reset & Select All Functionality:

  • Switch to the Visual Basic editor ALT + F11
  • Insert a New Module ALT + I + M
  • In the blank window of the module copy and paste these 2 codes:
  Sub Reset()
For Each cb In Sheet1.CheckBoxes
cb.Value = xlOff
End Sub
Sub SelectAll()
For Each cb In Sheet1.CheckBoxes
cb.Value = xlOn
End Sub  
  • Close the Visual Basic window
  • Select the Reset button ► Right Click ►Select Assign Macro ► “Reset” ►OK
  • Repeat for the “Select All” button and assign the “SelectAll” macro
  • Test the functionality of these 2 buttons and their effect on the Progressive Data Bar

Download the Exercise File and Follow along

Enjoy your project.

Watch the tutorial on my YouTube Channel

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