To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following course (or have equivalent knowledge): Project Intermediate Level.

Basic project management knowledge and skills are required to be successful in this course. Additionally, you should be able to create a new project plan, manage time in a project plan, manage tasks and resources in a project plan.

Course Overview

Create and manage a project schedule using Microsoft® Project 2013 – 2016. This course is designed for a person who has an understanding of project management concepts, is responsible for creating and modifying project plans, and needs a tool to manage those project plans.

Advanced Project Topics

  1. Tracking and Analyzing Project Data
  2. Progress Lines
  3. Earned Value Analysis
  4. Custom Visual Reports
  5. Managing Task Structures
  6. Change a Task List
  7. Create a Network Diagram
  8. Manage the Critical Path
  9. Use Lag and Lead
  10. Analyze Earned Value
  11. Generating Project Views
  12. Use View Commands
  13. Use Existing Views
  14. Create Custom Views
  15. Format and Share the Timeline View
  16. Importing and Exporting Data
  17. Importing and Exporting Files
  18. Using Import/Export Maps
  19. Working with Multiple Projects
  20. Master Projects and Subprojects
  21. Working with Multiple Projects
  22. Linking Tasks Across Projects
  23. Resource Pools
  24. Resource Pools
  25. Working with Resource Pools
  26. Additional Features
  27. Rollup Task Bars
  28. Hyperlinks
  29. Custom WBS Codes
  30. Macros
  31. Customizing Tables, Views, and Reports
  32. Customizing Project Elements
  33. Custom Tables
  34. Custom Views
  35. Customizing Reports
  36. Working with Templates
  37. Sample Templates
  38. Custom Templates
  39. The Organizer
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