Sharepoint Online: Site Users (Code: 55210)

Microsoft SharePoint 365 is an online collaboration tool that is very prominent for businesses and organizations.


Students should be comfortable using Windows, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Office applications. No previous experience with other versions of SharePoint is necessary.

What You'll Learn

Learn to navigate through SharePoint, search documents, content, libraries, and lists. They will know how to update their SharePoint profile, use SharePoint with Microsoft Office, and access SharePoint from mobile devices.

Course Outline

1. Access SharePoint Sites
2. Online Collaboration
3. What is SharePoint?
4. SharePoint Sites
5. SharePoint Groups
6. SharePoint Permissions
7. Navigate SharePoint Sites
8. SharePoint Site Hierarchy
9. What are SharePoint Team Sites?
10.Elements of the SharePoint User Interface
11.The Page Header
12.The Quick Launch Pane
13.The Page Section
14.What are SharePoint Lists, Libraries, and Apps?
15.Working with SharePoint Content
16.Adding Documents
17.What are SharePoint Libraries?
18.Add Documents to Libraries
19.What are Microsoft Office Online Apps?
20.Use Office Online Apps with SharePoint
21.Use SharePoint Search
22.SharePoint Alerts
23.View Document Properties
24.What are SharePoint Lists?
25.SharePoint Columns
26.Types of Lists
27.List Options
28.List Item Options
29.What is a List View?
30.List View Types
31.Default List Views
32.Create a List View
33.Change List View Settings
34.Change List Display Styles
35.List Filtering Options
36.List Sorting Options
37.Advanced List Filtering, Grouping, and Sorting
38.What are SharePoint Profiles?
39.Profile Permissions
40.Sharing Files
41.OneDrive for Business
42.Sites Page
43.SharePoint Integration with Microsoft Office
44.Save a Document to SharePoint from Microsoft Office
45.Edit a Document in SharePoint using Microsoft Office
46.What is Document Versioning?
47.Document Versioning in SharePoint
48.Check Out Documents
49.Check In Documents
50.Recover Deleted Items in SharePoint

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