Switching Charts with A Drop list

  Table of Contents Switching Charts with A Drop-Down List 3 1. Creating a data preparation table 3 Creating a drop list for the different months 3 Creating row labels for the 2 preparation table...

Building surveys and quizzes with excel

An Intense Tutorial on Building Surveys and Quizzes

Building A Quiz, Survey or Questionnaire … Step by Step Building Quizzes, Surveys and Questionnaires either to test knowledge on any topic or collect answers… is extremely common and useful. In a prev...

Comparison Chart For Dashboards

Extremely easy way to Build Comparison Chart For Dashboards

Build a Comparison chart for Dashboard on Microsoft Excel You can download the Exercise File and Follow along by clicking here below:

dynamic charts in excel

Simple way to Create Dynamic charts in excel (Step-by-Step)

Dynamic Charts in Excel are updated automatically when their chart’s rage in changes. Learn how to create a Dynamic chart in excel in this blog Create Dynamic Charts in Excel with XLOOKUP First time e...

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