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Power Query Trick For Combining Files Without Renaming Table

Combining Files with Inconsistent Headers- No Mapping Table We have multiple files in a folder. Each file corresponds to a continent. There is a single sheet in each file having a list of countries in...

The SCAN Function – How To Use It?

How to use the SCAN Function? Table of Contents Introduction 1 Arguments of the SCAN Function: 2 Let’ see some examples: 2 Example 1: Concatenating characters 2 Example 2: Running Total 5 Example 3: F...

Generate Codes Dynamically with a Pattern from Your Data

Sometimes you need to create a unique code for a list of Products, Sales transactions, Students or Patients records or any other work situation. Having a unique identifier for each record is very impo...

Do Magic with Excel Drop Lists …Dynamic Dependent Diminishing

In this project I show you how wow your boss, colleagues and clients by creating Dynamic Dependent Diminishing drop lists. At the Basic Level, using drop lists in your worksheet makes entering data an...

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