Create a Retirement Report using Functions, Advanced Filter, Dynamic Arrays or Power Query

Retirement Report using Functions, Dynamic Arrays and Power Query To get the best out of Excel, you need to combine the different functionalities together in achieving your goal. In this project, We h...

Powerful Pivot Tables Hacks

A Common Pivot Table Problem The basic concept which led to today’s Pivot Tables, was invented by the American engineer Pito Salas in 1987. Since they were introduced into Excel 1993, Pivot Tables bec...

Consolidate Tens of Sheets in One Step

Consolidate Data from Multiple Sheets into one Consolidation is a common task we perform in Excel. By consolidation I mean, we have multiple worksheets and, in each sheet, we have a certain list with ...

Adding a Different Look To Your Interactive Dashboard

Code for Interactive Dashboard Course This code Changes the Background in 4 different colors Switch to the Visual Basic ALT + F11 Insert a Module ALT >I>M Copy and Paste the codes here below the...

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