Intelligent Drop Lists and Evolution of Data Validation

New Intelligent Drop List in Excel Table of Contents Introduction 3 The Work Situation 3 The Old Method 4 Creating The Drop List 7 The Recent Method 10 The UNIQUE function 10 Create the Drop List 12 T...

Create excel games with Functions and Macros

Create Excel Games with Functions and Macro

Excel games can be created with the power of functions and macros. Creating a game inside excel is something no one thinks about except the ones who are passionate about excel. Let’s create one ...

10 Simple ways to Auto Number in Excel

Unlike other Microsoft Office programs, Excel does not provide a button to auto number in excel. Adding serial numbers manually is a pain. Moreover, they will be static and will not renumber automatic...

Create macro in excel

Easy way to Create Macro in Excel (Time Saver)

Create macro in excel for tasks you do repeatedly is an essential skill to learn if you use excel daily. Learn how to do it in this blog… Create Macro in Excel We all have Excel tasks that we perform ...

group data in pivot table

Simple way to group data in pivot table (3 Easy Methods)

In this blog, you will learn how to group data in pivot table with 3 simple methods. Read more to understand how you can easily do it. A Common Pivot Table Problem The basic concept which led to today...

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