Excel Dice Rolling Game

Roll the Dice… Using Functions and Macro Dice rollers are needed for lots of games … If you want to have one always at hand then nothing can match the Excel dice roller which allows you to...

Numbering Records Dynamically in Excel… 18 Different Work Situations

Unlike other Microsoft Office programs, Excel does not provide a button to number data automatically. Adding serial numbers manually is a pain. Moreover, they will be static and will not renumber auto...

Recording Macros… Totally with Shortcuts

Uniquely Shortcuts… Recording Macro We all have Excel tasks that we perform repetitively. Each task may require tens of steps… Why waste your time, redoing the same steps, while you can record a macro...

Powerful Pivot Tables Hacks

A Common Pivot Table Problem The basic concept which led to today’s Pivot Tables, was invented by the American engineer Pito Salas in 1987. Since they were introduced into Excel 1993, Pivot Tables bec...

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