Dynamic Report With Power Query and VLOOKUP – Approximate Match

When you want to create a dynamic report from multiple sources and you need an approximate match, If the VLOOKUP Cannot get the job done, Then Power Query will come for rescue. In this tutorial I crea...

data to dashboard

From Data to Dynamic Dashboard … All In One Dashboard with Form Controls

Complete Course on Dashboards Creation with form controls If you want pre-build templates with dashboards, check out Simple Sheets.                  Having a la...

Create excel games with Functions and Macros

Create Excel Games with Functions and Macro

Excel games can be created with the power of functions and macros. Creating a game inside excel is something no one thinks about except the ones who are passionate about excel. Let’s create one ...

combine two excel workbook

Simple method to Combine Two Excel Workbooks Using VLOOKUP

INTRODUCTION In this article, we will show you simple and easy method to combine two excel workbook in excel. Read more to find out how If you have 2 workbooks which you would like to combine, VLOOKUP...

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