To ensure your success, you will need to be familiar with using personal computers and proficient in using Windows to access programs, navigate to information stored on the computer, and manage files and folders.

Course Overview

From the earliest eras of human existence, visual images have been used to represent knowledge, data, and information. Beginning with the Paleolithic cave paintings and continuing to today’s most complex computer networks, these images leverage the ability of the human brain to rapidly perceive patterns and trends from visual representations.

In today’s workplace, visual diagrams are an essential part of communication, from road maps to sales flows to process charts. Microsoft® Visio® provides you with an intuitive, customizable tool to easily create a professional-looking visual product by using its extensive gallery of shapes. By following the exercises in this course, you will create visually engaging diagrams, maps, and drawings, using graphical elements to make information easier to comprehend.

Visio Basic Topics

  1. Get Started with Visio 2016
  2. What is Visio 2016?
  3. Get started and tour the UI
  4. Open files and adjust the UI
  5. Modify the Ribbon and Quick Access toolbar
  6. Select view options
  7. Create Connected Diagrams
  8. Use SmartShapes from a stencil
  9. Arrange the top four SmartShapes on a stencil
  10. Connect shapes manually
  11. Insert and delete connected SmartShapes
  12. Organize SmartShapes with Auto Align & Space
  13. Rearrange connected diagrams with Re-Layout
  14. 14.Add Additional Objects to Diagrams
  15. Insert text-related objects
  16. Insert foreground and background
  17. Insert graphics
  18. Insert containers and callouts
  19. Insert hyperlinks
  20. Format Objects and Text
  21. Using Themes
  22. Format Text
  23. Format Shape Fills
  24. Format Shape Lines
  25. Show and Hide Visual Elements
  26. Show Hide Ruler, Grids, Guides and Page Breaks
  27. Use visual aids and snap & glue settings
  28. Show and Hide Task Panes
  29. Work with windows in Visio 2016
  30. Publish Diagrams to Various Outputs
  31. Print Diagrams
  32. Publish a diagram to PDF
  33. Save diagrams to JPG or GIF files
  34. Save diagrams to the web using HTML
  35. Working with Layers
  36. How adding smart shapes can create layers
  37. Create, Remove and Assign to layers
  38. Manage Layer settings
  39. Work with Themes
  40. The difference between themes and styles
  41. Apply themes, colors, and effects
  42. Block themes from SmartShapes
  43. Create custom theme colors
  44. Create Organizational Charts
  45. Insert a top-level exec SmartShape
  46. Add manager sub-shapes
  47. Add other sub-shapes
  48. Define alternate layouts for subordinates
  49. Reorder team members
  50. 50.Add team frames to a diagram
  51. Create dotted line report indicators
  52. Use multiple and three-position SmartShapes
  53. Add employee pictures
  54. Use synchronized copies to break down structure
  55. Expand and collapse reporting structure views
  56. Import data with the Org Chart Wizard
  57. Publish organizational charts
  58. Create Brainstorming Diagrams
  59. Understanding Brainstorming diagram structure
  60. Add Sub-topics
  61. Edit topic text and placement
  62. Edit topics in the outline window
  63. Customize topic shape design
  64. Change the diagram Style and Layout
  65. Send data to Microsoft Word
  66. Send data to Microsoft Excel
  67. Create Timelines
  68. Add and configure a timeline shape
  69. Add milestones to a timeline
  70. Deal with text collisions
  71. Add intervals to a timeline
  72. Add markers and indicators to a timeline
  73. Create and adjust the expanded timeline
  74. Format timelines
  75. Share your timeline in the cloud
  76. Create Calendars
  77. Create a monthly calendar
  78. Add appointments and events
  79. Customize the calendar
  80. Add additional months
  81. Create other calendars
  82. Import calendar data from Microsoft Outlook
  83. Add a Title and other information
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